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Matthew Joseph Platz(non-registered)
Hey Matt, I came across this site because funnily enough I was googling myself, this popped up on the search results and I checked it out. You can imagine the surprise when I found out we had the same basic name. Anyway, I think the photos you take are beautiful and am glad I came across them.
-Take care, Matt
Mary Jane DeLauder(non-registered)
Absolutely amazing photos! So much action, tenderness, personality. So awesome. Probably my favorite ever!!
Loved these, Matt! The snowfall and the farm animals made me think of how the first nativity may have looked! Thank you!
Barbara Johns(non-registered)
Hi Matt. Good to see your work, it's been a while. How wonderful each photo is, thanks for sharing. That crazy face tomato made me laugh. Keep on snap'en.
Russ Huston(non-registered)
Very very nice. It is amazing how you work the light and shadows in these pictures. BEAUTIFUL
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